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Barber's Chemicals features every type of water and waste water treatment chemical in use today. Chlorine in 100#, 150# and 2000# containers. Sodium and calcium hypochlorites are also available for chlorination. Flocculants and clarifiers from polyelectrolytes and poly/alum blends to inorganics such as aluminum sulfate and ferric chloride. Alternate oxidizers such as hydrogen peroxide and potassium permanganate. pH adjustment chemicals such as soda ash, lime and caustic soda are available. For taste and odor control we stock several grades of both powdered and granular carbon. To protect your water system from corrosion and from red water complaints, we provide blended phosphates. For waste water treatment, we suggest the use of Sybron specially adapted bacteria to enhance digestion, and also feature degreasers and defoamers as well as dewatering polymers. We also carry a full line of acids for de-ionization and pH adjustment if necessary.
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