In recent weeks it has become necessary to respond to the issues that have arisen from the presence of the corona virus in the United States and specifically to the recent announcement of business closures in Pennsylvania.  Barber’s Chemicals as a Chemical and Allied Products Merchant Wholesaler is one of the types of businesses that are permitted to continue operating.  We are respecting the direction of our government and we will be providing wholesale products as required by our customers who are still operational.


If you are a retail customer who requires something that is not essential such as water testing or pool and spa products, we will respectfully decline to provide service to you for this period of time.  All retail water and waste water requirements will be met at the door and you will be directed by our staff.  Please call 724 962 7886 if you are uncertain whether your need falls into the essential or non-essential category.  Once you arrive, please call 724 962 7886 again for response from our office.  The door will remain locked until that time.


This is a different time, and while our concern for serving your chemical needs is always at the forefront of our thinking, we also see that it is important to be concerned about the general health of our population.  The products that we supply are an important link in the chain of maintaining public health through sanitary drinking water and by the disinfection of wastewater.  Your patience and understanding will go a long way towards our nations efforts to “flatten the curve” of the spread of this virus and allow us all to return to the lifestyle that we all enjoy.  Once this crisis is over, we look forward to providing you the quality of service that you deserve and have come to expect from Barber’s Chemicals.  In the meantime, please take good care of yourself and your families.  Thank you for the honor of serving your chemical needs.

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